Skin Care Therapist: What Is It and How Do I Get Started?

Did you know that you could take your love for skincare and turn it into a profitable career? In fact, the skincare therapist industry job market is expected to grow at an impressive 29 percent, much faster than average when compared to other job industries.

 But what does it mean to be a skincare therapist? This article answers that and more. So, keep reading to learn about this job position and how you can jumpstart your career in skincare therapy today.

 What Is a Skincare Therapist?

As a skincare therapist, your job is to cleanse and beautify the face and bodies of your clients to enhance their appearance. Through the proper training, you’ll gain specialized knowledge about various skin conditions, such as sun damage or wrinkles, to better help your clients reach their skin goals. 

You could work at a salon or beauty and health spa or you could be self-employed and travel to your clients or have them come to you. 

Skincare Therapist vs. Full Specialist: What’s the Difference?

“Skincare therapist” is a newer, more updated term for an esthetician. It better encapsulates the goal of a skincare therapist, which is to heal clients’ skin from within using therapeutic and science-based treatments.

Although skin therapists aren’t doctors, they are professionally trained to address client’s skin-related concerns and improve their appearance.

How Do You Become a Skincare Therapist?

To work as a skincare therapist, you must first earn an appropriate certificate. Or you could earn your diploma in beauty therapy, which takes about a year to complete. Once you have the right qualifications, you can sit for your state’s board exam to get your official license to work as an esthetician.

 But be aware that not every state requires skin therapists to have an official license to work with clients. So, it’s important that you research your state’s requirements to work as an esthetician if you want to follow this career path.

 When searching for the best institution for skincare therapist courses, look no further than The Salon Professional Academy of Melbourne. TSPA offers a full specialty program that teaches students a higher level of professionalism.

 As a TSPA student, you’ll learn specialized skincare techniques from industry leaders. You’ll use modern equipment to best sharpen your skills. Also, you’ll learn key business and communication skills to better round out your education. 

Start Your Skincare Therapist Career Today

You can take your love for skincare and turn it into a profitable, fulfilling career as a skincare therapist. And as a TSPA graduate, you’ll enjoy a higher earning potential and endless job opportunities. You deserve to start your career in the best position possible, so come to TSPA Melbourne to hone your skincare skills today!

 To learn more about TSPA skincare therapist courses, feel free to get in touch. You can reach TSPA Melbourne by phone or email.

Driving Ambition – Beauty School Student Contests

Are You Working Towards a Cosmetology Career and a Little Bit Competitive? Check Out These Beauty School Student Contests and beyond to Enter.

Did you know the market size of the hair salon industry is expected to grow by 16.9% in 2022? 

 If you have been wondering, “Is a cosmetology career right for me?”, this might be the time to look more seriously at beginning your education. Exciting things are happening in the cosmetology world such as contests where you can let your personality shine. Keep reading for information on how you can get involved.

Is a Cosmetology Career Right for Me?

Going to school is a big investment both in time and finances. How will you know if cosmetology will be a good fit, especially if you are an uber-creative, competitive, free-spirited person? Here are a few things to think about as you consider.

Contests to Take Part In

One way to show your uniqueness and creativity is to take part in student competitions. This can be especially fun if you enjoy the art and craft of cosmetology.

 There are numerous contests around the country that students can take part in to display their talent and individuality. Both Redken & L’Oréal offer contests, but the most recognized contest in the country is the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) competition. 

 Creators to Learn From

Many schools also bring in nationally known hair artists to teach workshops and new techniques the industry is adopting. 

How Do I Find the Right School for Me?

Now that you have an idea if cosmetology might be a fit for you, how do you go about finding the right school? There are many things to think through, but here are a few top considerations.

Great Training

The top or best cosmetology schools will offer classes you are interested in as well as hands-on training. Look for schools that also offer advanced training, if possible. Advanced training will often come from vendors, platform artists, or other industry renown stylists.

Great Atmosphere

Top beauty schools will also have a professional atmosphere that feels very much like a salon. This will help you to begin to feel comfortable in a salon space working with clients. It will also help you to build confidence in the work you are getting ready to do.

Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

If these things resonate with you, you no longer need to wonder “is a cosmetology career right for me?”,  now is the time to start your education. Look for a school that will provide you with great training and an atmosphere that also allows your personality to shine through. And don’t be afraid to let your competitive spirit break free by taking part in all the contests available to students. Contact us for more information or to get started today.