Are You Beauty Savvy?

Do you have a full-on skin care routine for the morning and the evening? Or do you just splash water on your face and go? Are you into a full face of makeup or do you enjoy going au naturel? Whatever the case, take our quiz to find out how beauty savvy you are!

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Are You Artistic? Choose a Future in the Beauty Industry!

Artistic people see the world in a wonderful way. They’re passionate, creative people who want to create beauty and present it to the world. Are you artistic? Do you love working with your hands to create things that are aesthetically pleasing? Consider a future in the beauty industry! This vivacious, exciting industry is full of opportunities for creative people like yourself.

Makeup Artist

When you work as a makeup artist, you can do more than just perfect classic looks like a smokey eye and red lip. You can create new looks, learn about and practice new trends, and work with new, innovative products. As a makeup artist, your client’s face is your blank canvas and the sky’s the limit. You can completely transform someone with just your makeup and brushes. Whether you’re creating an avant-garde look for a fashion show or creating detailed skeleton makeup for Halloween, makeup is an art. Different types of makeup artistry include theatrical, prosthetics, high fashion, and special effects.

Makeup artist applies eye makeup to a blonde woman.

Photo Shoot/Editorial Stylist

Want to help create a beautiful magazine spread? How about the next great social media fashion campaign? When you work as a photo shoot or editorial stylist, you’re responsible for creating the makeup looks the models are wearing. After the theme of the shoot has been settled, you get to create the looks that match the theme and represent the brand. Your work might be seen by millions of people if it’s used in a magazine spread, TV advertisement, or social media campaign, so this is a great option for people who crave the limelight!

Woman in black coat modeling for a photoshoot in a city.

Beauty Blogger

Do you express your creativity through writing? Are you also passionate about beauty? A job as a beauty blogger could be perfect for you. When you’re a beauty blogger, you’re working for yourself, so it can start as a hobby on the side of another full-time job. Beauty bloggers obviously write about beauty trends, but it’s your blog, do what you want! You can also post about other topics like fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, culture. If you want to make it in the beauty blogging world, you should also consider starting a YouTube channel. On YouTube, you can film makeup tutorials, hauls, and reviews, along with creating other fun content like vlogs and Q&A videos.

Beauty blogger in a blue blouse filming from her bedroom.

Platform Artist

If you like being in front of people and showing off your creativity, think about being a platform artist. Platform artists are a combination of stylists, teachers, and entertainers. They demonstrate hair, makeup, and skin care techniques in front of a crowd during hair shows, beauty conventions, master classes, and other beauty industry events. As a platform artist, you can demonstrate new beauty methods, products, and collections on live models. To do this, you need to be creative, great at what you do, and a confident public speaker!

Platform artist demonstrating makeup to a group.

Hair Stylist

While this is an obvious career option for most when you think of the beauty industry, a job as a hairstylist can be creative. Think about how many different clients you’ll work with. Each person will probably want something different. Whether it’s a vibrant hair color like green or pink, rose gold highlights, a blunt bob, a fade, or an undercut, working as hairstylist gives you a chance to be creative on the daily.

Hair stylist does an elaborate formal style on a woman with black hair.

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